Actor, Stand Up and Writer

Tribeca Film Festival Creators Market 2017

Backstage West Magazine Article 

Austin Critics Table Award Winner for Best Actor In A Supporting Role for Black Snow


Austin Critics Table Award Nominee for Best Actor in a Supporting Role  for The Idiot

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Drama for The Trojan Women

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy for The Clean House


Part of the cast of the Romanian Short Film Traffic  Palme d'Or Winner for Best Short

"...Mathilde was played superbly by the enchanting Smaranda Ciceu; she was wonderfully funny, fresh, and eager. I kind of wanted to take her home too. With a friend like her, who needs a cleaning lady?" 

Feminist Review Austin, The Clean House

"Special mention must go out to Smaranda Ciceu for her hysterical portrayal of bumbling arts director Ivan Vasilievich, who is revered as an artistic genius but can hardly distinguish the difference between emotions and bicycles"

Austin Chronicle, Black Snow

"Smaranda Ciceu, who seems to be popping up in a number of Greek plays around town, including UT’s re: Psyche and The Trojan Women, raises her game for this performance, playing a diverse group of women (and creatures) over the course of the night. When she lumbers on to stage as the lovelorn Alcyone, her face drawn, her eyes shining with tears, she embodies the pain of lost love, offering a palpable sorrow, while in her role as Pomona, the much-sought-after wood nymph, she frolics, carefree and wild, the whimsicality of a child and a wide, breath-taking smile streaming across her face. She even gets to explore her more stern, vengeful side as the angered goddess Ceres, passing down retribution on the man who felled her sacred tree"