european actress, writer and stand up comic

Hi! My name is Smaranda Luna, I am a European actress, stand up comic, improviser and writer originally from Bucharest, Romania. I am awesome and I love a good joke. Nowadays I live and work in Los Angeles, where I also shadow as the artistic director of the Mixtape Theatre Company and the co-creator, writer and producer of the episodic content series Patti and Marina. 

My training? Very diverse: The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Bucharest-Romania, an M.F.A in Acting from UT Austin, improv classes at UCB and IO West, Judith Weston film acting masterclasses in L.A, accent and dialect classes in London; dance classes in Madrid, Spain to name a few. 

Bragging points? I am fluent in Romanian, Spanish and French and I am a Fulbright Scholar for the Arts. Also-my first concert was "Michael Jackson, live in Bucharest". Cool right? Second concert: Prodigy. I know-it cannot get any better.

Passions? I love swimming, books, stickers and dirty jokes.

Hope you enjoy my materials.


P.s: "Immigrants! We get the job done"